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Cloud Native Data Engineering Solutions

Scalable,Secure and Reliable

Digital Transformation is about skill not just technology. With a DEV-OPS mindset we work with you to implement solutions for Data Engineering and Data science related infrastructure that include DataOps with Data-lakes and centralised Datawarehouses,ETL pipelines,Cloud computing with AWS,AZURE and GCP based on your preference and Cloud native applications with Docker on Kubernetes and much more.

Be it a startup or a large corporation, for our SOLUTIONS size doesn't matter.Our comprehensive and scalable Data Management Platform (DMP) designs will save you TIME by reducing the time to production. EFFORT by automating the bootstrapping and integration of the necessary services and MONEY by reducing the resources needed for development and recurring costs to maintain the entire landscape.

With inherent capability to dynamically adapt to ever changing organisational needs, our solutions are SCALABLE with implicit processes to handle rapidly increasing data sizes and velocity. FLEXIBLE enough to be EXTENDED at will to incorporate industry best practices and new technologies into the design with minimal effort.

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It's on demand.The Data platform we build for you is inherently scalable.​ We make sure there is in built capability in all the applications deployed to auto-scale by putting in place the necessary processes to scale up or scale down the architecture with minimal manual intervention, depending on the data sizes or traffic pattern.


It's a freedom of choice. Data Architectures developed by us will let you integrate disparate technologies running on disparate kernels.This gives us the flexibilty of choosing only the best technologies for individual components making up the platform and yet fabricate them to work in cohesion as a single unit and can also be easily integrated with any new cusotm built services or 3rd party applications. We make sure you have the right automation and processes in place that would let you in the future extend or re-design the architecture at will with minimal effort.

High Availability

It's a must. To persist state and recover gracefully from fail overs with minimal loss is a key part of any architecture .​ Fault tolerance , Rolling updates and High availability are an integral part of any solution we develop.The platofrm design extends this capability with appropriate automation to make sure your applications recover automatically in case of a failure and updates to the services are applied in a rolling fashion mitigating the need for hard restarts. ​ We make sure the design makes all the data and the applications in the platform Stateful and provide robust backup mechanisms that prevent data loss or corruption.

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Thought Leadership

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Aligning your Data strategy with Microservices Architectural model.

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